All retractable screen doors come in these colors. If your bottom threshold is a different color than your door trim, you can choose one color to match your trim and another color for the bottom sill and rail to match your bottom threshold. There is no extra charge.

Phantom's retractable door screens come in 10 standard colors that are ready to order.

Wood Grain Color Retractable Screens

There is an extra charge for wood grain finish and will take up to three weeks for delivery and installation

Retractable Screens Doors uses the highest quality finishes formulated to exceed one of the  toughest paint standards in the industry for UV and salt spray  resistance, the AAMA 2604.  Our products are painted in-house by trained  Phantom personnel. This is especially important to ensure proper adhesion to the aluminum parts on the retractable screen door.

The Phantom Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures you first time quality on your retractable screen door.