Santa Monica Screen Doors

Santa Monica Screen Doors

One of the major concerns customers have with invisible screen doors is the bottom sill and rail or channel that needs to be installed on top or added to your existing threshold. All invisible screen doors also known as retractable screen doors and disappearing screen door must have one. No matter what invisible screen door brand you choose to install. Phantom screens, Mirage retractable screen system, Screen solution, Larson retractable screen doors, Wizard retractable screen doors, Aira retractable screen doors, Genius retractable screen systems, Bella retractable screens, Alpine screens, Zanzar screens, Reel screens or ODL.

They are all Invisible Screen Doors and whichever one you chose to  purchase their installers will let you know which type  you need. We install Invisible Screens Doors. Retractable screen doors come with a top decolum/moulding and a top rail and for the bottom threshold a sill and a rail. The rails system is used to allow the pull bar to slide towards the door jam and back in to the housing without having to worry that the pull bar,  also known as push bar, will pop out. This is one of the problems with the channel system.Santa Monica Screen Doors

The top decolum/moulding which has a nice decor style to it and is powdered coated is drilled to the top of the door jam then the top rail can be attttached, also drilled,  this makes for a sturdy and durable application. Both decolum and rail are made from the finest quality.

The bottom sill comes in different shapes and styles. The sill is drilled on top of your existing sill. There are different sills for different drops and contours on your existing door encasement. The bottom rail is attached (drilled) to the side of the sill, also drilled in. always, This is when, almost always, (9 out of 10) the customers ask “Am I going to trip over that”. All you have to do is take a look at the bottom part of your existing door jam and you’ll discover that you have been going over and steeping on very similar contour shapes.

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