Retractable Screen Doors in Malibu,California

Retractable Screen Doors in Malibu, California

Retractable screens are nearly invisible by design. Because of this, the single most common unintended occurrence is the ‘walk through’. When a walk through happens, Phantom are designed to open automatically saving the screen fabric from possible damage. Should a walk through occur on a Phantom that has the speed reducer installed, the unit may not open fast enough to avoid damage to the screen.

All retractable screen doors come in various colors. If your bottom threshold is a different color than your door trim, you can choose one color to match your trim and another color for the bottom sill and rail to match your bottom threshold. There is no extra charge.

Please note some additional features for retractable doors:

Internal pull bar magnets 2 piece or 3 piece
Retractable branded handles
Standard architectural bronze color
Standard mahogany brown color
Standard off white color
Painted screw heads all colors
Housing rescreen sleeve
Cutting your own door to precise measurement
Recessed handles all colors
Screen mesh stickers
Chrome latches (small, medium or large)
White and black bug flap
Powder coated wood grain finishes
Touch up spray paint
Pet guard
Warranty attached

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