Malibu Screen Doors

Malibu Screen Doors

If you are looking for a Mobile Screen Door Service in Malibu that comes to your home and gives you a free estimate and shows you samples and brochures of our Retractable Screen Doors with a friendly smile you found it!

We recently installed a few double sets, French Doors, of Retractable screen doors in a beautiful home in the Malibu Hills. The customer was browsing the Internet and stopped at our website, because he said ” Your website was recommended by a friend, whom you had installed  screen doors at his home in Malibu. It caught my attention, because it seemed professional and very friendly. I thought it was very pleasant to the eyes” He was inquiring about our retractable screen doors, had been looking to improve not only the appearance of his existing invisible screen doors, but his main concern was to definitely improve the performance.

“My existing Retractable Screen Doors are very poorly made. I was not able to notice the difference in quality when I bought them, because I believed that all new retractable screen doors where all pretty much the same. They where on display at one of the home improvement shows in the City of Malibu.  I had also seen them on display at Lowe’s hardware store and Home depot. The price for an individual retractable door seemed fair, and I thought I was going to get a great deal for 4 of them. I needed 2 for my kitchen, overlooking the beautiful view of Malibu ocean , 2  for the french doors in the front entrance to my home, 1 sliding screen door for my bedroom balcony of my master bedroom, also with a breathtaking view of the ocean that has a constant cool breeze that I can now enjoy without the insects coming and 1 sliding screen door for our maid’s bedroom.

“The company I dealt with is  a leading brand name in the retractable screen door industry. The amount of money with installation and tax, which is not included in the advertised price, was a little higher than advertised, but I decided to have them installed anyway because I really needed the cross breeze and keep the insects out. I made an appointment to have them installed for a certain date and when that date came they called and said that it would be another week before they could come out and install the retractable doors, which was not what I was promised. They Finally arrived a few days later and installed my new disappearing screen doors”.

“The first time I grabbed one and used it, I felt like the quality wasn’t there. I felt the pull bar flimsy and wobbly and a little hard to open and close.  They told me that’s because they’re new and that the retractable feature would get easier in a few weeks. Then I tried the double set, I unlatched them and released the screen doors and WHAM! They slammed back so hard that I thought I had broken the glass on both of my sidelight window pains. They gave me the same speech, because they are new the springs that retract the screen doors are very tight and they will loosen up in a few weeks”.

I paid them the final balance and they left.  That feeling that I was getting a  great deal for the retractable screen doors began fading too soon.  A few month went by and the vanishing screen doors as they advertise them, was making my patience vanish. The retractable doors where just getting worse. One set of double doors slammed back very hard  Whitin a few month  the springs installed inside the housing units stopped pulling the pull bars all the way to the end of the door jam and stayed half open/closed. I had to manually and slowly recoil them back into the housing. It became a headache to open and close these retractable screen doors. There is a thick fussy nylon strip inside the top and bottom channels, that is very tough, to hold the screen inside channels from blowing out with the wind. The black screen mesh started tearing and ripping from all the manual pulling and pushing and dragging back and forth. With in a year they where pretty much useless and the performance of the invisible doors vanished and left my lovely home with a bigger and more expensive problem than before. The retractable screen doors that are on display and seem like a good bargain and a good deal isn’t.

Eventually I felt I wanted the feeling of having quality retractable screen doors in my home. The feeling that my home makes me feel excacltly like that, like a home and not a second hand junkyard. I got tired of  those retractable screen doors and I was recommended Complete Screens.quality door is a huge difference!” Thank you.” Lance L. Malibu, CA

Are you looking for Invisible Screen Doors in the Malibu, CA. 90263,90264,90265 Area

1. A certified dealer will measure the exact dimensions of your opening

2. Your retractable screen is produced at our state-of-the-art production facility in Anaheim Hills, Ca U.S.A.

3. A certified installer installs your retractable screen and and makes any adjustments for smooth operation.

You will instantly see the benefits and feel the difference of a solid, quiet and smooth operation.

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~ All of our products can also be sold uninstalled as well ~

If you’re searching for Screen Doors in Malibu Hills area, or other near by areas, here are some other cities we service.

Chatsworth, CA. 91311

Free Estimates and our professional mobile screen service installations for Screens in the Malibu Hills area.

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