Retractables in Driftwood Beige

Driftwood Beige Retractables and Coastal Gray colors popular in Malibu

“Complete Screens came out and went above and beyond! They handled everything very efficiently and professional. We really appreciated their wonderful customer service and will definitely be recommending them in the future!” Melissa B. Malibu, CA. This installation in Malibu of driftwood beige retractable screen doors look great on any encasement that is almond or adobe color and match up really good. This earth color rollaway screen door is becoming popular. Call me for a few visit and demonstration of our door, color and parts.

The newest addition to the Phantom is the Speed Reducer. The integrated dampener allow the door to retract more slowly and not ‘slam’ open. The high quality spring pulls the door closed at regular speed, but we have made this feature available on any disappearing Phantom door for slower retraction.

Please note: Retractable screens are nearly invisible by design. Because of this, the single most common unintended occurrence is the ‘walk through’. When a walk through happens, Phantom are designed to open automatically saving the screen fabric from possible damage. Should a walk through occur on a Phantom that has the speed reducer installed, the unit may not open fast enough to avoid damage to the screen.

Please ask us for removable stickers (palm trees, butterflies & flowers) to place on any area of the screen mesh to allow everyone to detect the screen and depth perception.

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