Screens in Malibu


Screens in Malibu

Experience views like never before with Invisible window screens. These screens are a great option on screen door or window screens and any windows with beach views. Invisible screens are also available as an option on any screen windows.

  • Offers 50% more visibility than standard fiberglass screening
  • Dramatically improves airflow into the home
  • Lightweight
  • Same ease of installation and weathering benefits as fiberglass screening
  • 50% more natural light
  • A fraction of the cost of competitive products

BetterVue  Phifer’s new BetterVue insect screening for windows, doors and porches is an excellent visibility insect screen (eVis) designed to maximize your outward view. BetterVue is woven from small, refined yarns that improve the screen’s openness, making visibility sharper and more brilliant. Think of it as “high definition” insect screening for your windows, doors and screened porches. Because with BetterVue, you see the clear and vibrant view, not the screen.

SeeVue  Phifer’s new SeeVue stainless steel screening product for porches is an excellent visibility insect screen (eVis). The black finish offers improved visibility while the stainless steel composition makes it much stronger than standard insect screening.

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