Window Screen Replacement

Window Screen Replacement

We always recommend you use Complete Screens when doing this type of work for faster results, less expensive cost, higher quality materials and for professional fabrication. If you are doing the work yourself  always be extra careful with all tools you use and take all necessary safety measures 


There are four things that make a window screen and they are:

  • Aluminum frame

  • Screen mesh (fiber glass)

  • Aluminum corners (for miter cut frames)

  • splyne (the rubber that holds the screen in place)


  • Screen splyne roller (for rolling in splyne)

  • Flat head screw driver (for pushing in corners)

  • Box cutter blade (for cutting excess splyne and screen)

  • Saw or electric chop saw (for cutting aluminum frame)

  • clamps (for holding frame in place on a table)


Measuring the opening where the screen goes is very important. If you have aluminum or vinyl encasement’s with channels for the screen then the rule is you have to measure from the inside of the channel to the the outside of the opposite channel and then deduct 1/8. This will ensure you that the screen will have room to be taken in and out. If you have double hung wood windows then measure top to bottom and side to side and deduct 1/8 to 1/4 from the width and from the length.

Building it

Once the frame is cut and put together with the corners then you must screen it. For this you will need a table to work on. Place the frame on the table and roll the screen over it, then roll in the splyne with the screen splyne tool. You may need to to this a couple of times to get the screen straight, do not do it to tight that the frame is con-caving in . After you’re done and satisfied with your screen be very careful and cut out all the excess screen away from the frame and you are done.

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