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Retractable Screen Doors in Malibu,California

Retractable Screen Doors in Malibu, California

Retractable screens are nearly invisible by design. Because of this, the single most common unintended occurrence is the ‘walk through’. When a walk through happens, Phantom are designed to open automatically saving the screen fabric from possible damage. Should a walk through occur on a Phantom that has the speed reducer installed, the unit may not open fast enough to avoid damage to the screen.

All retractable screen doors come in various colors. If your bottom threshold is a different color than your door trim, you can choose one color to match your trim and another color for the bottom sill and rail to match your bottom threshold. There is no extra charge.

Please note some additional features for retractable doors:

Internal pullbar magnets 2 piece or 3 piece
Retractable branded handles
Standard architectural bronze color
Standard mahogany brown color
Standard off white collor
Painted screw heads all colors
Housing rescreen sleeve
Cutting your own door to precise measurement
Recessed handles all colors
Screen mesh stickers
Chrome latches (small, medium or large)
White and black bug flap
Powder coated wood grain finishes
Touch up spray paint
Pet gaurd
Warranty attached

Phantom Door Screens

Phantom Door Screens in Malibu

Bonded for your protection   CSLB# 944234

When you are ready to have you new Phantom door screens custom made and installed in your house call a professional company that has a complete mobile screen service and will be able to do all the work at once.

You will be able to get a much more affordable price with a mobile screen service in your area that does it all and will be able to do all the installation at the same time, avoiding extra visits and therefore passing the savings on to the customer. Some screen companies and “screenmobile” services don’t install retractable screen doors and retractable screen windows and only install conventional screens. Here at Complete Screens we install all types of retractable screen doors

For a FREE estimate call NOW ! (818) 470-1444 or (805) 791-5744 

We specialize in  high quality custom work.

Mobile Screen Service and Repair. 

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  • Patio Enclosures
  • Motorized Power Screens
  • Wide Opening Architectural Screens
  • Drop Down Shades
  • Exterior Shutters
  • Solar Panels
  • Pet Screen…and more.

We provide all sizes of sliding screen doors, swinging screen doors, retractable screen doors and window screens. We install only heavy duty extruded aluminum frames in variety of colors, using only high quality fiberglass screens in various colors and thickness.

All jobs are fabricated on-site for a custom fit.


Malibu Screens

Retractable Screen Doors in Malibu, California

If you don’t want the look of a traditional screen door like a swinging or sliding screen door, If you don’t want to see a traditional screen door 365 days a year, then an Invisible screen door is what you are looking for. Hidden from you daily view, installed alongside the wall of you door encasement. Retractables are so sleak, silent and work great, they offer customers an option they can live with. Our customers love these doors.

I would recommend anyone who is putting up retractable screen doors on their house. You will be so pleased with the disappearing doors you install. The new aesthetically pleasant retractable brand is so elegant and retracts smoothly and silently. Best decision you’ll make this spring & summer. Installation are very professional, fast and easy for Complete Screens

  • Bel Air Invisible Screen Doors
  • Beverly Hills Invisible Screen Doors
  • Brentwood Invisible Screen Doors
  • Malibu Invisible Screen Doors

Complete Screens Mobil Service in these areas and surroundings:

Malibu 90263, 90264, 90265
Brentwood 90049
Beverly Hills 90209, 90210, 90211, 90212, 90213
Bel Air 90077

Motorized Retractable Screens

Wide Opening Motorized Retractable Screen

Complete Screens
CSLB# 944234 & BONDED

When you are ready to have your new Wide Opening Motorized Retractable Screen on your Bi Folding glass door custom made and installed in your house call a professional company that has a complete mobile screen service and will be able to do all the work at once.
You will be able to get a much more affordable price with a complete mobile screen service in your area that does it all and will be able to do all the installation at the same time, avoiding extra visits and therefore passing the savings on to the customer. Some screen companies and “screenmobile” services don’t install Wide Opening Motorized Retractable Screens, they only install conventional screens.

Motorized Power Screens. The First Truly Significant Advance In Screen Technology In Years! Fits openings up to 40″ wide and 16″ tall. Comes with automated control including sun and wind sensors. You can control it with handheld or wall mounted remotes or by smartphone app. Choose from vinyl, mesh and fabrics to provide you with ventilation, insect protection, climate control and increase you privacy.

Weighted Slidebar
Parallel Tracks
Variety of Custom Colors
3′ Motor Cord without plug (3 Conductor Cable)
6′ Motor Cord without plug (3 Conductor Cable) (included)
12′ Motor Cord without plug (3 Conductor Cable)
18′ Motor Cord without plug (3 Conductor Cable)
24′ Motor Cord without plug (3 Conductor Cable)
Coastal Package – (Enhanced Corrosive Protection) MOTOR
Coastal Package – (Enhanced Corrosive Protection) SPRING
Adjustable Jackscrew (Used for attaching rails on recessed mounted installations)
Wind and Sun Sensor
Wind Sensor
Single Channel or Double Hand Remote
Single Channel or Double Wall Mount Switch/Remote
Single or Double Channel Remote (water resistant)
Full Warranty. Limited Lifetime Warranty

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  • Motorized Power Screens
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  • Drop Down Shades
  • Solar Panels
  • Pet Screen…and more

                               For a FREE estimate call NOW !                                                                             (818) 470-1444 or (310) 359-5572


Custom Made Retractable Screens

Custom Made Retractable Screens

Complete Screens Retractable Screens 

Complete Screens Retractable Screen Doors is your local Screen Company for professional, courteous and timely installations and service when needed.

Our Retractable screen are custom sized and and we finish putting them together on site, therefore, we can provide 1 to 2 week installations.

We have quality retractable screens for almost any application. We also have Screens for Bifolding doors with arquitectural design and Motorized Power Screens. Combining the high quality craftsmanship, design and modern technology. Complete Screens Retractable Screens provides quality products to serve you for all your retractable door and window screen needs.

For a consultation call  818-470-1444

or email

  • Retractable Screen Doors
  • Invisible Screen Doors
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  • Rollaway Screen Doors
  • Vanishing Screen Doors
  • Phantom Screen Doors
  • Clearview Screen Doors
  • Mirage Screen Doors

Window Screen Panels Studio City

Window Screen Panels in Studio City

A customer who lives in Studio City needed window screen panels for his sidelight windows at his home. These panels have to be carefully installed on the exterior part of the window encasement held up by jiffy hangers and secured with bail latches to secure them in place and also to allow the customers to remove and replace them when needed.

Hardware for screens are very different, if the right one isn’t installed or if the screens are made to tight, this can make a big difference on how long a screen lasts. Removing them to wash your windows should be easy. If it is difficult and they keep breaking, bending or cracking then you should get “Easy Fit Screens”

Studio City Screens

Studio City Window Screens

A customer in Studio City requested from Complete Screens window screen panels for the sidelights windows around their home. These screens have to be measured carefully and installed on the exterior part of the window encasement with bail latches and jiffy hangers to secure the screens in place and to allow the customers to easily remove them when needed in the future to wash the glass windows.

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Window Screen Replacement

Window Screen Replacement

We always recommend you use Complete Screens when doing this type of work for faster results, less expensive cost, higher quality materials and for professional fabrication. If you are doing the work yourself  always be extra careful with all tools you use and take all necessary safety measures 


There are four things that make a window screen and they are:

  • Aluminum frame

  • Screen mesh (fiber glass)

  • Aluminum corners (for miter cut frames)

  • splyne (the rubber that holds the screen in place)


  • Screen splyne roller (for rolling in splyne)

  • Flat head screw driver (for pushing in corners)

  • Box cutter blade (for cutting excess splyne and screen)

  • Saw or electric chop saw (for cutting aluminum frame)

  • clamps (for holding frame in place on a table)


Measuring the opening where the screen goes is very important. If you have aluminum or vinyl encasement’s with channels for the screen then the rule is you have to measure from the inside of the channel to the the outside of the opposite channel and then deduct 1/8. This will ensure you that the screen will have room to be taken in and out. If you have double hung wood windows then measure top to bottom and side to side and deduct 1/8 to 1/4 from the width and from the length.

Building it

Once the frame is cut and put together with the corners then you must screen it. For this you will need a table to work on. Place the frame on the table and roll the screen over it, then roll in the splyne with the screen splyne tool. You may need to to this a couple of times to get the screen straight, do not do it to tight that the frame is con-caving in . After you’re done and satisfied with your screen be very careful and cut out all the excess screen away from the frame and you are done.

For an appointment call 818-470-1444 ask for Henry

Some of the cities we serve are Malibu, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, Topanga. Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, Oak Park, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills


Retractable Doors in Calabasas

Retractable Doors in Calabasas

Custom made high quality Retractable Screen Doors come in a variety of standard colors. White, off white, linen, tan, champagne, sandalwood, new brown, navajo, old brown, mahogany, black, bronze, gray, mill, green, pale green, hunter green, ivy green, oyster white, khaki, poplar white, poplar tan, desert tan and also in anodized black, anodized gold, anodized silver. If you have a special door color that came with the window and door company that installed your doors, we can match the color with the #RAL number of you doors. Please aks you window and door company with the #RAL number. We will make you retractable screen doors to that specific color just allow 1 mor week for delivery and installation

This customer in Calabasas wanted retractable screen doors to match her Lighthouse doors her #RAL number is 8012
Other window and door companies that carry color #RAL are “Origin bi-fold Doors”, “The folding sliding door Company”, “Cornell innovative door solutions”, “Guardian Industrial doors”


Wide Retractable Screen Doors in Encino


Wide Openinig Screens in Encino

We at Complete Screens believe there’s nothing more beautiful than the natural world and nowhere more special than the part of it that you call home. When you connect to the beauty outside, you live better, every day.

By bringing light, air and beautiful views in, you can enjoy all that nature has to offer. Feel the cooling breeze on a summer day. Watch snow fall from a cozy couch with a warm cup of coffee. Take the time to admire the sunset.

But sometimes inviting the outside in can come with compromises. Harsh sunlight intrudes. Privacy is elusive. Cold air creeps in. Insects invade.

We want you to be able to achieve true inside-outside living, without the compromises. To take in the beauty that surrounds you while controlling elements of the outdoors and keep your home life in harmony

CALL     (818) 470-1444

Complete Screens  has been making and installing screens for over 13 years. Lots of experience makes us pretty much screen experts. Thats why you’ll  find exactly what you need made and installed perfectly made and installed perfcectly right. Select  from a wide vareity of screen doors for almost every door style: Swing out,  swing in, retractables, french, and sliding. Aluminum, steel or wood frames. And a variety of mesh screening… to keep the bugs out. The sun out. And you cool.

Click  on the website you like and you will be taken to see your choices  in that particular style. Sometimes we havent posted a style, so if you dont see it, ask us. Chances are we have it.